Gay Fucking Uninvited Guest

were do you think your going rose?(!)” shouted roses mum (jackie)
“im. Hot link Doctor Who,

doctor and rose just came back from another adventure on planet galaktos, and doctor started being horny after the water incident that went on roses top, he started thinking about him rose being together, but because hes a timelord he cant have her, rose sat down on the chair and started reading a book called 'men and how to control them', he walked over behind her and bent down, “what are you reading?” he asked,
“oh, nothing,” she replied, he breathed on her neck, the tention was unbareble and soon they started to kiss,it was a good 10 minutes till they stoped, they were confused and didn't know what to say, doctor didn't know what to do, all he could do was just carry on or stop, of course he can't go, rose might find it offensive, but he cant go with a human girl!, so he got back up and siad lets go back home, rose wiped her lips and nodded, there was so much tention between them it was hard to carry on, as they were still in the doctors space ship they had to stop anyway, it was 5 minutes till they land and after that they couldn't talk, but it wasn't soon till rose came to the doctor and asked whats wrong,
he replied saying “i can't do this with you, were not aloud to be with humans even though i want to be,”
rose wanted him so much he was so sexy, wearing a blue, tight suit with a red tie and red bassball boots,
its hard to contian herself, she went infront of him and kissed him, the doctor being so horny he cant go and stop himself, soon he kissed her back, to late for second thoughts they went on the floor and undressed each other, pulling his pants down there was a ten inch long, thick penis, rose so shocked to find it that size was hypnotized by it and leaped on him, soon he started to shout,
“harder, Faster.

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