Suruba Tsuru No Uzuuzu

He was telling her ‘At no time let anyone used you like a piece of meat honey’ Kissing her forehead then continuing “remember they can’t be with you 24/7, first chance you get report them to the authorities!’ The last five words repeating over and over in her head. Continue reading Lifting her head looking her in the eyes “You could at least say thank you!’ Letting her head drop back to her knees, getting up “How do you like that, she did none of the work but gets paid anyway, then not even a thanks, talk about ungrateful!” Walking into the living room motioning for Bill and Aaron to follow him.

Hentai: [utu] Tsuru no Uzuuzu (COMIC Shitsurakuten 2017-01) [Chinese] [想中樂透社畜組] [Digital]

Tsuru no Uzuuzu 1Tsuru no Uzuuzu 2Tsuru no Uzuuzu 3Tsuru no Uzuuzu 4Tsuru no Uzuuzu 5Tsuru no Uzuuzu 6Tsuru no Uzuuzu 7Tsuru no Uzuuzu 8Tsuru no Uzuuzu 9Tsuru no Uzuuzu 10Tsuru no Uzuuzu 11Tsuru no Uzuuzu 12Tsuru no Uzuuzu 13Tsuru no Uzuuzu 14Tsuru no Uzuuzu 15Tsuru no Uzuuzu 16Tsuru no Uzuuzu 17Tsuru no Uzuuzu 18

[utu]ツルのウズウズ(COMIC 失楽天 2017年1月号) [中国翻訳] [DL版]

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