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I also tell her that I want to talk to her about her parents and she says that she never wants to see them again and she says that she wishes they were dead and I tell her that can be arranged and she says I want to kill them myself and this surprises both of us. Show more After the kiss, I tell Nat to lay down as I begin to kiss her and suck in her nipples they are rock hard I kiss my way down to her pussy it’s wet and swollen her clit is out so I lick it as I look up to see Eric sucking on her nipples she tastes so good as I swirl my tongue around her hole I suck on her lips as I gently lick her clit as I begin to suck it into my mouth she is moaning and groaning as I tell her she can cum when she wants to she begins to shake as I suck her clit harder and I run my finger in side her.

Hentai: Galaxy Heart (Incompleto)

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