“All you proved is that you can pass off as your brother” Spitenmier said, “Who died in a terrible car crash” he added, “What are you gonna do with him, I mean her” Jack said looking down at the face of the man he though he knew, “We will be having one last live demonstration and she is it, by the end of this class she will be riding this spit” He said holding up a spit he had personally selected for her. The next morning Jessica and Stacey entered classroom #659 as they had every day over the passed 6 months, “Welcome class I have good news for you today” he said with a gleam in his eye, “We have entered the potion of the class where we will learn the proper spitting technique to spit and roast a whole spit muffin weather she be alive, witch is best, or previously slaughtered, lets begin” He said while a man walked into the room with a young girl on a leash similar to the spit muffins the guys had brought as there practice muffins.

Hentai: (COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA

(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 0(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 1(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 2(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 3(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 4(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 5(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 6(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 7(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 8(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 9(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 10(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 11(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 12(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 13(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 14(COMITIA130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA 15

(コミティア130) [GreeNNight (GreeN)] IROIRO AKUMA

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