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She had seen pictures of men eating pussy, but she was nowhere near prepared for the oral assault Rod made on her little cunt! Pulling her pussy to his lips, his long tongue snaked out, running up and down the length of her little crack. Now standing before him, Jonelle worried that he would not approve of her, and send her away, so when he told her to turn around so he could see her ass, she was positive that he was displeased with her! What he said next, however, made her heart leap, and her pussy drench! “From now on bitch, when I call, you come, do you got it,” he ordered? In a low but obviously thrilled voice she answered back, “Yes Rod, whenever you call!!!” Now was the moment she found out what her place would be with him, when he replied to her, “Another thing bitch, from now on you call me master, do I make myself clear!?!” By now Jonelle was close to having a climax by just being near the black dominate with his huge erection, and the hard sounding tone of his voice made her feel like a very submissive white pussy indeed!!!

What happened next was the most extraordinary thing that Jonelle had ever experienced in her entire life.

Hentai: Artist – AfroMetalMizu

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