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I pretended to look out of the window but was really looking at his reflextion, the train had only been moving a few minutes when the conductor came and did the tickets when he went I resumed my open leg posture and was rewarded with him sitting lower in his seat I decided to up the game and put my right leg up onto the seat and leaned back into the chair, again I was rewarded with him stroking his bulging pants, still pretending to look out the window I lowered my hand down to my soaking wet lips and started to lazily play with my clit, I knew the train journey wasn’t long so I started putting 2 fingers inside me really exaggerating the motions but steadily built up the pressure for the third orgasm off the day just as we were coming into the station, I stood up on shaky legs adjusted my dress and walked towards the door, on the platform I went to the window near where he was and blew him a kiss, I went and found the toilet and cleaned myself up a bit then left to find the kino. Click to watch more I unlocked the cubicle door after wiping the cum off me and decided the dress was going in a locker, as I approached the stairs 2 men smiled at me walking past them naked and I wondered if I had had either of them.

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